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August, 2013

Studio fun
Electronic Drum set, too much fun.
Working on collections for more West Coast claasics, Seafair your next.
Moving the collection, Bolo-Records moving to a more permanent location
Bolo Records
Seafair-Bolo Records/Bolo Classique Records announces the release of The jimmy Hanna Big Band CD compilation.
Facility renovation
"looking for a big redbrick building," Denton Texas is hot this time of year
New Remote Rig
Multi-track remote gear, DSD recordings on location, we are ready


Piano Music
First DSD production of Van Cliburn winner Vladimir Viardo. Project involves realization of rarely heard 20th century Russian piano music.
Space Music
opportunity is underway to help Bob Beldon, A & R director for BlueNote records, To record a session for the Hubble Space Project and PBS.
Bolo Classic
None But the Lonely Heart - Russian Romances. A collection of arrangement for cello and piano. Release date is forthcoming.
Bolo Records
Final mastering of The Dynamics with Jimmy Hanna featuring such jazz greats as Larry Coryell has been completed and is now sent for pressings. Release date is forthcoming.
Facility renovation
Pre-planning has begun; the second office building project
Apple Software
Always visiting spunky for more hardware and software


New Rupert Neve Designs 5088 32*8*2 channel with flying faders (see video)
Getting the Neve 5088 connected
Sound Blade updates and new restoration software
Buena Vista CO
River rafting is fun


Piano update
New Fazioli Model F278 Concert Grand
New service being added to the studio
Apple Software
Visit spunky for a night with Logic suite
The "Photos of stuff" Say "more Cheeze"
we've flown some A.D.A.M speakers
Facility renovation
Pre-planning has begun; the restroom renovation project
The Denton Arts & Jazz Festival
The Neville Brothers visit Denton


Mixing and Connections
Grace Design's m906 5.1 clean and sounding great


Support for the Viardo International Piano competition, September 14 - 16 2007


Sonic Studio software
AFC24 Software, we have it. SACD creator for authoring
CD Release
The "SaxeTexaS" is getting some buzz

Bolo Digital Studios

Bolo Digital on location


Bolo digital on location!

We are packed and ready to come to you. On location we bring the the good stuff. Mixing and monitoring are handled by rock solid analog and/or digital components.

Bolo Digital has two digital capture systems ready to go.

The 24 track Sonoma system captures Direct Stream Digital (DSD) format. This system has a wide dynamic range (s/n), and with emm labs Meitner converters has extremely low self noise.

The 24 track Radar S-Nyquest which can capture 24 tracks at a 24 bit, 192k sample rate. the S-Nyquest converters provide sub sample accuracy. We can use this system with our digital and analog interfaces

Contact us for more information. Pricing and Contracts are always negotiable