Format Conversion

Audio Format-back-

We can change the audio file format of your mix into and out-from DSD using conversion software and hardware developed by various companies including; Sonic Studio, Phillips, Sony, Meitner, and Sonoma. Do you have an old analog recording captured digitally, we can do 24 tracks at a time. Weather you need your DSD tracks down sampled (so you can mix them in PCM), or need your PCM mix converted into DSD for SACD creation we can do it here. Oh, yea, we can compress files for your media delivery needs. We can compress your DSD file using DTS lossless data encoding.

Analog to Digital-back-

Some great analog recording have been made, and would it not be nice to take them to the next level or just to have them in a stable format that is as close to analog as you can get. Using our great A to D converters we can capture digitally (DSD or PCM). If you are creating a SACD or just want it done for a future project. For large and unique projects it can be arranged that we come to you. Give us an email.


Sometime you need to get the noise out of a recording. We have a full line of restoration tool. We can remove braudband noise, hum, click, crackle, and even instrument key noise.

DSD to PCM-back-

Once the digital recording exists, we can convert the files into what ever format you need for your project. The nice thing about recording in DSD is that the recording captures a large frequency as well as a large dynamic range. The low signal/noise ratio is nice too. Even for a down sampled product a performance is more precisely captured using DSD. After the capture the material can be converted and mixed at a high PCM rate. The final CD mix shows a superior quality. Other times a DSD mix can be made of the material (a stereo DSD mix). Down sampling from DSD straight to CD (44.1KHz 16 bit) quality is similar ratio and created a far superior quality mix.

PCM to DSD-back-

So what if you have been working on a ProTools like platform at 96KHz 24 bit and now you would like to make a SACD disk. The fidelity of the 96K session would be great for a SACD. We can take yours session recordings and change them to DSD and mix them and master them and author your SACD ready for manufacturing. The whole time we can monitor critical values such as DC offset and frequencies beyond our hearing to make sure that the recording stay within the Scarlet Book standards.