Headphone monitoring: two four-channel Furman (HDS-6 Personal Mixing Station) monitor systems are attached to some great headphones for a precise monitoring mix where it’s needed. With this system you can control the levels, in the mix, and adjust the monitor, cue, or control mixes at each station (studio and location).  We can send up to eight signals to four or more locations, a great distance apart.  Everyone performing can hear and adjust their mix to fit their needs.

Grace Designs m906:

The m906 is a high fidelity 5.1 monitor controller.  We use this device to route our in/outs for surround sound production.  It also has a nice function; it can create a stereo control room mix from a 5.1 input.  This makes creating a mix for headphones from a 5.1 session accurate and clean.  It also works great for stereo native material.

Manley 16 * 2 * 4 Mixer

Fully Analog Mixer with 4 aux., an exciting component in our capturing and reproduction forces.  The Manley unit creates an all analog-mixing environment that can be used for stereo sessions.  It is portable and there for used in remote applications. This unit is our interface, on the input end of production.  It is used with our mic/direct preamps to give use fine control over the quality of signal.  Precise, strong, clear, and transparent recording are normal when using this tube mixer.


Grace 8 channel

Millennia 8 channel

Millennia tube preamp

Massenburg GML 4 channel

Vox box

and more

DSD (Direct Stream Digital)-back-

Sonoma System using EMM Lab "Meitners." We can capture, at once, 24 tracks of Direct Stream Digital magic.  The dynamic and harmonic qualities of the recording will surpass you expectations.  We find that the expression and passion in music is reproduced best by this system.  From the converters bit streamed data is sent over fiber optics to the computer controlling the Sonoma software.  The converters can be hundreds of feet away from the heart of the system.  This is a powerful thing in many production situations.  The whole system is rock solid, works every time, never drops a beat, and has no latency (speed of light).

The DSD recordings can be converted into any format.  Many times this system will be use even thought the final format might be CD.  The quality of the recording process is evident in the final product.  This system is worth its price.

We also have a portable two channel DSD recorder that can be used for location and other production applications.

PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) -back-

The Radar System uses SNyquest converters and captures at 192k - 24 bit. This is a rock-solid 24 track PCM recorder.  It captures with sub sample accuracy (no/low latency).  The dedicated hardware is portable and outfitted with all the connections.  We use this in the studio and on the road.  The remote controller board and dedicated CPU make this system reliable and nimble.  In the studio the digital i/o connects this unit with our Yamaha mixer, so, in the studio it is ready for 7.1 sessions.  We can also go all analog in.

The PCM recordings can be converted into any format. Many times this system will be used for CD, DVD audio, and in video production.   If it is PCM performance you want, this is the system.

We also have other PCM recording devices that are used in production: DAT, hard disk recorders, CD recorders, and ADAT recorders.

Video and EFP-back-

Sony HVR-V1U Digital HD Camera Recorder, full editing suit. Instudio or on location we can capture your visual images and sync to our high quality audio. Musical performace captured by musicians.