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We have invested, through research and experience, heavily into this digital capture format. Our experiences can be utilized to design a system of components that will be rock solid, quiet, and function at the highest fidelity. We can optimize your components for on-location or permanent studio applications. We can start with the input stage and match every component in the audio chain to match your requirements. This gives you a powerfully accurate, optimized, and truly unique recording platform. We can also design component packages to enhance your current studio set up. Let us tune your system for DSD.

We can consult you on key purchases for your studio or performing group. For instance, you need a Grand piano with permanently attached microphones that can be taken on the road and quickly tied into the system. We will find you a piano that is road friendly and install a microphone system that matches your sound reinforcement (broadcast system) for the most accurate and stable piano signal. Or, you need a surround sound dynamic processor that can also be tied into your stereo mixing system in your current analog, DSD or high PCM studios. We will design a component group that will fit into your current system and maintain signal integrity.

We also provide rentals of DSD and PCM equipment.

Our engineers can come to your studio to advise and run systems.

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