Sound Design

Sound Design-back-

One of our passions is to create sound, new sound, texture, and form. We have some very unique synthesis instruments and the knowledge to run them. Not only do we have the newest computer based sample and synthesis driven instruments but we also have some truly authentic classic instruments, just incase your looking for those kinds of sounds. A Moog, an ARP, some B3s the list goes on......

We capture sound effect using our crystal clear DSD equipment. Low Noise and Clear sound that can be down sampled and mixed using any platform. We can sweeten the recording to get it ready to drop into your recording/movies/presentation/games.

We can create compositions, beds, sound libraries, and media ready sound-bytes for your needs.

Book the studio and you can create and record your own sounds

Voice Over-back-

Need a voice over. We can Do that. We have the best capture devices anywhere around, that means strong clean recording. We can also sweeten the sound to give the V.O. some strength and depth. We will get it ready for broadcast or bed the product for you.


Composition is something we do. We have trained composer who work at Bolo-Digital. Experienced in classical, rock, jazz, 60s, and more. We also have a resource called NetJing which is a service that creates "Music Logos" and other commercially applicable recording.


Need some custom DVD menus. Composed to have a unified feel. Something where the menus and transitions use surround sound and add some mood to the presentation material.

Or your website needs something new, something that sets apart, that is sound. We can generate and construct sound sculpture and feedback sound that are unique. We understand Multimedia application of sound and even author DVD video.